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A new world of stories, sounds and images, using web-cams, video cameras and texts. A different kind of soap operas.
A new idea that brings a product specifically created for the web, that doesn't adapt anything, it just uses the real freedom that this channel of communication has to offer.
Choose your favorite type of story, participate, live with the characters the sensations and the moments, simples times, intriguing times, created for you.
Now, with a click, enter this new world.

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1.computers 4. perfum
Angela and Bruno, or better, Morgana and Merlin, 9000 Km of distance and a big will of love. Those are the ingredients of the first story on novelaweb. Her ir new york, him in Brasil, her technological, him contrary to buttons, they do no measure efforts to turn this "virtual affair", a new and unique experience of relationship. Enter in the chapters, read the e-mails they exchange and later see them in a video-chat.
What is Zimba?
This is the story of a girl in her search for Zimba.
Seek with her in every path she walks on.
To find Zimba will be worth for everyone!
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